The Lord says – Part II…

Of a tumultuous sessions of Senate hearing that transpired yesterday, I gauge Mr. Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee, sidestepping the subpoena question which in my understanding as a chess player and champion to be evading questions when a player and more so a nominee of the Supreme court is bound to be answerable with set pieces if not using the King himself and not a chance to evade in the board of chess as that was a check on the authenticity of not only your nomination but of Mr. Trump excuse of self-pardon.

Me having expressed my research interest in Deep Blue an IBM supercomputer who beat then the grandmaster Gary Kasparov during my time in Tilburg University – I must admit there is ray of hope of solving this machine over human through the subject areas of Language, Cognition and Computation. This I say has a direct relation with the recordings of yesterday’s Senate hearing. Mr. Brett Kavanaugh’s and one Mr. Donald John Trump reply to the Supreme court and to the Senate and my apprehension of what their response be judged based on the above mentioned subject areas – Language, Cognition and Computation. The IBM supercomputer in this case can be of the form of the court itself as we understand the power, authority and judicial system but could be extended to machines and other related researchers.

I also like to invite upon prof. dr. M.M. (Max) Louwerse in addition to the supreme court nominees, whom of which apply areas such as those mentioned above and have a fair trial as I humbly feel the responses as mentioned to be false and misleading with ramification which the citizens of U.S.A. would have to embark upon if it were to disapprove my findings and the truth which lie underneath, unspoken and avoided.

So, here to summarize this evading of questions from various press over the last year or more so and from beginning of coming into power of Mr. Donald John Trump, his cabinets as lead to disarray of the nation and thwarting away Supreme court’s repeated grilling of such serious lies and evading of questions which is to be considered dishonest and totally against the court.

martin luther king


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