The Lord says..

In addressing the current incumbent of the presidential role in our beloved United States of America, I stand in pity of the millions and millions of people who stay in disbelief of the current Republican government as I quote one verses of Martin Luther King Jr. to begin with

” Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that “

that in trying to salvage the current situation & healing the wounds of the one many affected people, which is inclusive of the people you blindfolded – by the remarks while contesting for the Republican presidential nominee in the year of 2016 and post the cabinet you have assembled.

It’s such a farce that the country that is highly regarded by one many of the people all across the world come there for a livelihood, stand in witness of one of the worst governing bodies, the most illicit of them all through a nonsensical responses to avoid the press and rob the people that voted you for their rights and justice.

As a communicator through God, I stood all these years post election 2016 in keeping track of the media, voices of the United States Congress — the Senate, the House of Representatives and more importantly the countrymen of U.S.A.

Mr. Donald John Trump, you seem to be eluded the truth, palpable of one many a sin that you seem to hide. This(Presidential role) ain’t no Real Estate business for you to fluctuate and binge on the lower and middle class citizens. You ain’t even a shade of the previous incumbents, that considering what the true America meant to this outside world. Your comments on black people, your tricks of calling it off on press that have been dissing out the truth, your comments on the disabled – stand in proof before the Lord as you need to seek pardon and address all the press without inhibitions, work for your countrymen with a collaborative thought process with the opposition, also answer the senate of Democrats and work vigorously for a path that was well laid out by Barack Obama.

As major changes need to be brought back to the United States of America, I humbly request you to stand in adherence to all that has been said here, wipe out all the sins you have committed by dedicating the rest of your time period as president that if it may have to last up and until 2020, in putting the government in welfare which is of the people, for the people, by the people.

Marked in remembrance of the Labor Day – September 3rd, 2018.

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