Divya — begum

Hey babe,

Hi there! How has it been in Delhi? I write this post in longing for your company with just words to paint my dreams which ain’t colorful. Somewhat close to your phase a few months ago. I am gutted with the thought that I strayed to accommodate my teenage sweetheart, but it was no way close to even a sentence of exchange.
Now here I am in Madras, longing and longing each day for to see you, talk to you, atleast spend quality time with you, until you graduate. I only hope you forgive me of whatever, atleast open up a medium for communication, babeu.
Haven’t I done whatever in my powers to decipher the Sultan’s seal? Each day seem to eat me up with a bacteria that is slowly and methodically pulling me down. Of the reasons, a suggestion I would share with you in a write mode is to thread this relationship and our catch-up next time around with care.
Of all the talk which sporting idols and actor turned politicians make
I keep hitting myself with God’s own humor
As if you were to travel in space, surfing along
that sans our broken paths
it would seamless, & the distance between us — inconsequential
but here I am starving, brooding on the outside world, that one
without my bird
break open the shackles will you
show me your magic
show me your love – Divya
Hedgehog theory of one an intersection between Christianity, Hinduism & Islam
I aint losing you for all the adventure
show me your love, my queen
I had show you my valor
Virtual hugs and kisses
Divya Siddhartha?
Oh wait, I need to make an amendment in the gazette
Until then
I stand as


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