The best crops are exported

The last time I had a sustained or prolonged happiness in our city Chennai.. was when it were to be Madras, a city with a charm & that atleast from a child’s perspective. For to have been born to a typical middle class family trying to grow the ladders, it seemed rosy living in an apartment which was then a huge complex and that in the heart of Chennai – Mambalam. The charm I was talking about was multi-varied in Madras those days with AnnaNagar and its serene trees surrounding my aunty’s place with that of a rustic feel up on my ranking list.

For a child or a teen, the 90’s were a golden era — street cricket was there everywhere, we had the super cool Atari games, with Nintendo and Play Station coming into prominence, there weren’t these unwanted gadgets and gizmos in this current age which for someone to have born in the 90’s to feel get adjusted, to an extent. Pros & Cons definitely. But what am I try to suggest you may think about reading through the last few paragraphs — Why Chennai, what if it was Madras only? Like the sizable apartment plot in my area as Sreevidya, when it could have still been a Srividya only?

Both have only made the city and the slum even worse with only the political parties have Rs3000 crores++ each. Anndavar iniku enna routhiram pazhga sonnaru, athukage inthe kelvi keppan.. 3000 kodi ya.. ivangalku konjamavadhu kal neju illai enrall, alle makkalu nanmai seiya vedum enral – chennai singapore pol irukum — ungaludya katchi unnmaiyagave history book la irukum enral, be philanthropist, all over the 5yr period, instead of the bait on election date which distinguishes between the regular to one of that of a vision forward deliberately showing the intent.

Haasan sir, I am doing this for you are the emperor who is well erudite and take Chennai, TN & India forward. My best wishes, as always

Vedthe neenga potathu. Adarku nan munbe solliruken, katupadven enru. Routhiram oru elluded thing thane for me all my life. Stabs from all sides, from public online forums, to sector grounds, close friends in apartments, classmates – everyone. Chennai has lost it charm atleast with me, I just sincerely hope you do a dhandi march with immediate effect, march to the fort like you said, show me your valor, show me glimpses of all these and get elected. edhu | adhu | vudhu – centrisim keeke nalla than iruku. Pannu mavane. Kotaiyea pudi. Then the rest will be history! Bunny adiche avanum, sir!

As for you Joe & John,

I wish I get to talk to you in person, work under your tutelage if it weren’t for any other role. Would US accept me is another question! There is one too many variable to gauge but if it were the deep blue — print 2 extra tickets.


Until we say Goodbye – KH this is the point to ponder ” The best crops are exported!






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