What Happens Next

Ayya, porum ya inthe parichai. I just wanted to keep in mind and be respectful to both of my sweethearts in my previous blogpost. But my writing as it read that Sophia the character etched out in the Malcolm X movie which I viewed Divya Krishnamoorthy as propagates to the people of America & Tamil Nadu streching upto the Indian sub-continent thus signifying not just my love for this bird but turns out in ramification across borders and countries.

5 Love - Divya Krishnamoorthy

I would be humble and make a kind plea for you to step in to get us both connected ASAP.

When can I get to see her? or When can I atleast begin a live-in relationship if not for to get hitched?? Is she interested at all?

Besides, in an another parallel world I am thinking Joe Satriani coming to Pune in December could be the day too.

But I wish it happens sooner– getting to catch up with her and take her out for a glass of wine / Champagne or a mug of Coffee, that in your cc lol ..

I am here broke financially aandavar. Konjam vazhkkai amachi kudungolen hahah..

List: 2 boat club membership, 1 boat club area la oru veedu, And also for your friendship and extended famalia & friends of your’s, for whom I would love to start my life from scratch all over again and gain the tricks and trades and more so be erudite.

Ithuve romba over lol analum atleast thats the least I would ask you for that appends itself with a role in your katchi on the longer run as I hope to ply under your tutelage, friends extended.

P.S. Politics veru annbalipu veru , please sir I here only extinguish that thought. Its only got to do with my struggle and seeking shelter in a area like serene boat club; but having said Idk what the American’s might offer – that esp. the Dwanye The rock Johnson, Lebron james — leave alone James Camerron

Looking to talk to you in person, sooner!

Virtual hugs

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