Gold on the Ceiling

Hating myself to quote ‘Why am I put on earth?

Priti, I propound your name to begin, with Divya in the background dominant

or the other way around

to signify what has been nothing but evolutionary pleasures which separates my

teenage and manhood

or to gauge the intrinsics of pink, blue and red

I must admit – I would have snared scalps in the Intra-school cricket game

when you were there watching

I loathe my dad only for this; if and only if for the boots

that which separates the champ and the second best

It’s so perplexing for Sindi to have worn a pink saree during college

and not to margin out the Flying in blue dream 

were you in the background yet again on the hindsight

& for those morning blues in your sector cycling to get glimpses of you di

I used to be high on eye contacts

PN it seems tantalizing to see our senior numero uno Ravichandran Ashwin wed Prithi Narayanan

” The game of cricket would have been ours too — I swear I would have unleashed pace

not for the fame, I would have brought through cricket now” 

but to append atleast for what we are in real life with Srimathi & Prema mam — just that! Howzat!! 

As an intrepid — I ask for the Ballot or the Bullet to both of you

malcolm x - sophia
Malcolm X shades with one that of Sophia

for I owe Divya now for the energy I used thus far which now pushes Priti in the background dominant

as you my birdie remind me of Sophia in this Denzel starrer — “just the shades” like the one I passed over to you during the week we hung out

Unlike a tale quite unsimilar to the prior

symbolizing love tales like those ones which are unforeseen

Salman Rushdie & Padma Lakshmi — seem a huge proposition

but I will tell you one thing, girls

I ain’t psychotic — that especially when in company and in present participle

cause the love bug is the only cure for my illness

well that the nth research submission I make which don’t have a governing body I can find to submit and get it authenticated

as God’s poetry and the love variables defy Schizophrenia

Reach out to me if you want me

I promise I see myself as Bajirao Mastani


Love you both

Sid ❤




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