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This is to my guru’s{religious & non-religious}, film directors and actors whom have been inspired me, politicians and sporting idols whom I look upto – I Siddarrthraman Raghuraman make a plea for all the harassment and the Schizophrenic illness which has been entrusted on me. I have been made a scapegoat of a political or authoritarian rules and people whom I saw has friends snorting power in pushing me a phase of psychotic illness which is totally not acceptable and for me to have held this from the year of 2007 when my shoulder was broken on Cricket selection date is commendable and for you to step it up either coming into power and releasing me and my family from this pit-hole which is the worst for a person like me who is eagerly have been waiting for years that someone like you to help out. My parents not understanding the situation and the bigger picture and with a younger sister struggling to keep track of me – I am just hitting myself as to how longer I need to torture myself with this abysmal behavior.

I am quite sure on what you have gauged from my struggle thus far keeping track of the different episodes which I have penned over the course of the last several years with the political parties only adding up to the dismay. People uneducated, people in authoritarian rules keep this at a stalemate. I long believed – that I could propagate peace and harmony but am just wondering, why? I am just hitting myself with the induced psychotic illness is partly due to me wanting a better world, but people will be people. Thats how it is!

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This is broken arms (to) painted art – atleast thats how I perceive; … .Retribution is secondary, but truths and friendship’s carry along a weight on my shoulder, & the sport I loved all my chilhood & teenage is dead & almost extinct. Why guys?
Banshee - Sinduja Raghunathan
This is my virtual friend from SVCE to whom I owe for her salvaging my life me through forms of God. Probably she knows the reality, better than I do. This is to Sinduja Ragunathan, to whom I look up to, someone I believe would speak the truth. https://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/mp/2005/09/24/stories/2005092401400100.htm
Flagrant comments on a public forum like Facebook, shaking up my dopamine level — dei un appan lam N.Srinivasan level admire pannuven.. kobam eru pakkam iruklam, but oru limit venna?
Adding onto the comment of the former; making stale comments on FB.. This guys is nothing but Bhim in Micheal Madana Kamarajan; English toefl anthe kalathula 30/120 sir. Flies to the US, doesnt code, get help on hw assignments for standing as guards to the real men. Thathi potta vudhumthurum

But having mentioned about the last few characters, I must add there is more to this and more people involved in power to have been involved which mustn’t been taken of consideration.

Corruption of DMK and AIADMK

To both of whom I kept mum after my arrival from the US. And be harassed my the cops outside Kalaignar TV office and uptil Gandhi Mandapam rd. in the year of 2012 – AIADMK’s rule; Ramanathan being a reporter has kept mum and MG Ravichandran showing signs of what had transpired the other day. I am just telling myself what really had happened in life had probably be known to my friends before my arrival



The above two links are another of my Undergrad mates who dissed out a tonne load of abuses on me on FB, that is gruesome and be taken into consideration on FB ethics and how they could commit crime in this fastidious age by involving factions and groups.

There is bigger political gambit to what I just wrote and is just out of my thought process, as like I mentioned earlier. Pricks escape through a easy tunnel as the persons I involved when questioned lead upto the truth, thus getting me a piece of justice.

To the persons I direct this be

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P.S I extend this to my sweethearts — Divya Krishnamoorthy and Priti Narayan

Much love

Siddarrthraman R

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