Hey Joe

Hey Joe,

I have always valued your musical legacy and what you propagate when I see you play the U.S. national anthem as seen in the Oakland Raiders vs the Tennessee Titans match that happened on November 24, 2013.

But having said that, having been an ardent fan of your music from the year of 2010, as I was pursuing my masters in University of Florida – I admit that I have never dreamt I would be pursuing this plea, but circumstances and life experiences have pushed me to do so.

Being a student of yours, it has taken me two concerts – one in Singapore (Kallang theatre) February 21st, 2017 & the other in Eindhoven(Klogebow) on April 14th, 2018, wherein I wanted to bestow upon my guru the Blue silk woven shawl as a mark of respect for your track Flying in a Blue dream and the other aping your late idol — Jimi Hendrix as mark of love you showered on me in the Kallang theatre in me asking a favor which in general might be a lack of respect and one that of a personal intent as in my life have always viewed my gurus, family and friends in the highest order.

Life has been one of that of a melancholy with bursts of happiness – one that could be characterized as bi-polar ever since the year of 2007, when I were to be butchered on Cricket selection date with my left shoulder coming off the rim with more of ridicule and loneliness to add to the despair as factions and friends turned foes pushed me to the edge of the slope. But me having sight firmly on the U.S land ever since I was a kid, worked my way to UFL but you know people will be people except for character like you or me – as I again were to be pulled down by faction and this for the nth time on Facebook and made to walk in my hometown(Chennai) in a procession by political parties and cops for nothing – practically nothing as atleast through my soul propagation. This then has pushed me into a psychotic illness as from the year of 2012 – I had to carry the burden of being psychotic too with an induced Schizophrenia. So, I hope you could imagine my plight.

As in this draft, I must admit I am waiting on more rock albums from you and seek shelter in <our> country i.e. the United States of America and request you to help me out with a belief in you that you have the power or the authority to sanction something for myself if not my family. I more so think, I have done my part, also of the perception that I have burned down all your musical discography as seen in my posts the ‘Moroccan Sunset & in ‘Sid’s love-drug Climbdown with Joe, rightfully earning the name Siddhartha by your staff in Klogebow the other evening.

I only hope that I seek to be under your tutelage and pick up the axe and live up to the tag which I have earned being your student of your music, nothing else.

P.S. I am broke, with my family in a state where they don’t understand the broader umbrella with relatives and friends being mum – I have only with me the love Joe, John, Uli or Steve could or willing to bestow.

Yours truly,




To my dear Aandavar,

Dated: 27/7/2018

I like to extend this piece of article to your kind self. Sometimes I do wonder to myself why I haven’t been heard and approached by personalities like you for the propagation I have done all these years. It probably might be a case of self-doubt & probably a induced paranoia as to whether you have build a fanfare that might capture the imagine of the down trodden who in the last several decades have been blinded by the fact of our money being distributed across to them in return for votes. I here humbly make a request, that if you can induce a re-election sooner without harming the public and more so my family – I would stand and be solider in your army camp in making Chennai a better Madras.

On a tumultuous afternoon, following my return from the U.S in the year of 2012 as I had expressed in the first half of my post to Mr. Joe Satriani – I had sought to walk in the streets of Madras from my base in West Mambalam. There were two different days I happen to do this, one of them till Besant beach and the other persuaded by the cops outside Kalaingar office where I was walking through the ailes set up near the Metro construction area. Its too perplexing for me to even think about these incidents as groups along with the cops surrounded me to my dismay. But all along I had my thoughts that you would turn up to save my life the other day – as I kept mum after repeated harassment as they dumped me near the Gandhi mandapam road and evacuated probably thinking I had gone mad. But, internally you were truly there as I moaned looking at the street ends hoping for your arrival. This was ofcourse the inception of the Lord Shiva and Parvati hallucinations at end of the night which helped me remember all these events. Not to forget the Virumandi poster I saw in Karaikudi hotel in Mylapore as internally I was speaking with you, yearning for to turn and put an end to this authoritarian rule of the parties which have eroded many a people’s life’s.

Of the many imaginative powers of goddess and history of Tamil, there was this Kannagi burning Madurai flashed on the day of the cops man-handling me which had pushed me to a mild-psychotic person due to my dopamine levels raising.

Again sir, I have been listening to many of your videos and Youtube and have always wanted you in power and that has pushed me this day to extend my article to you as well as you sir have to come in power – there is no two way about it. Probably extend this to Rajnikanth sir as well and probably the film fraternity as I am skeptical how people are viewing more of junk rather than the video visual of your kind self as I always dreamt of an erudite person like you to cleanse our city.

I hope this helps sir to the many of the q & a, you have been addressing me. I hope you seek re-election and come out triumphant.

Take me under your wing, like Imran Khan coming to power – I hope you induce a change that lasts forever uniting people within TN, beyond states and neighboring countries.

With pots of love,

Siddarth Raghuraman

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