Lions den, please!

Abhivadaye bhargave samane apnuvane dhayamanakna pancharishya srivatsagothra sri ramanatha sharma agam asmibo

Sir, my humble plea would you to be a chance to prove my mettle in professional cricket. I do understand the fact that representing TN, CSK or for the matter of fact India is a far fetched dream not that I don’t have the steam within me but the standards a cricketer in India need to put on manifest as a social personality. I must admit, I might have erred when it comes to this issue but I like to weave a case here and in the next few years which might be tantalizing considering what I believe is well within my reach..

To have fallen ill in the year of 2012, I spent the next several years dead on my home plying Joe 24×7. Using intoxicants during the ensuing period here are to be solely attributed to escape reality as they were the toughest years in my life.

I know it might seem stupid to boldly write, dream but mama I solely can understand my body & I vouch say I will seek you when the time is appropriate. To having slept 17-18 hours a day during the 12-14 period, my body has had enough rest and that why I am bullish about my cricketing prospects even at 30.

Netherlands superstar | Last man Standing

Started off my college life in Tilburg, Netherlands as usual like my SVCEian days setting the pace as I traveled via Bangalore enroute to Amsterdam. By then, I had been following the cricketing stories of TSCA (Tilburg Student cricket association) as I supposedly were to start my second masters in the Fall 2017 but backed out due to physical and mental fitness.

Tilburg social groups didn’t necessarily didnt provide me a lot of information, so it was me hitting the streets and hunting for food. But you know about Sidhu is he plays the love game to perfection as I dropped in a couple of gifts to my lady friends – agarbathi’s and mirror to one && Pillaiyar and bracelet to another one.

Serving well and playing volley in the classes during the first week of school as it reminiscence of SVCE and to an extent UF. But peeps, hey! You guys don’t understand how to prove your mettle. Tiburg school of Humanities, chrishtsake!

Social gathering with fellow Indians

A lot of the people already knew about me as in my life I put my money in poker field and ofcourse play blindfold & with others it’s just a regular card cause they just try to win me in a game of cards. Seesh! In this crowd was of my department people, mix of researchers, financial aspirants, law school geeks, entrepreneurs, personalities who played in Ranji and a few others.

Donning my Oakley sports sunglasses{trade trick to protect my eyes that are nothing but love}, I was though well prepared for the night’s disbelief. My case has always been dodgy considering what was induced on me by certain pricks, with the marker pointing towards Pune lol

A lot of the crowd was well shut in that night, but with young kids they never shut up and keep doubting your legacy.

One man army from Chennai that decimated the crowd the other night with panache was Sidd.

As per the Bangalorian standards, the wine on offer was garbage – I accept it to an extent as it was Champagne I promised.

I though have to draw a line for the behavior and the words spread across, as Sid always take a chill pill.

And as for you lady, the kiss in the train was all but a bland sandwich. “Pune’s legacy will always be like in a pyramid falling under Chennai leave alone the bullshit garbage stories of yours you getting belted, yo! Unaku oru pattu vechruken kekariya

But you know with Sid is, he is great white too. This is track II if you were true and if you liked CSK in your maidan

IESN open party Carnaval day 2

I_ESN OPEN party_ Carnaval day 2.png

Replicating the Carpe Noctum is this picture – so imagine the sketch

All set for the first party in my college town Tilburg, I was at my liberal best buying Jager for all the peers who accompanied me the other night. That’s me Siddarth Raghuraman, truly middle-class.

Witness to the mayhem that followed suit were the bar tender from Mumbai, ofcourse my fellow peers from the Tilburg school of Humanities and the Dutch peers celebrating Carnival of their prince.

As the night progressed, the law department people sneaked in as the group of Tiburg school of humanities didnt gel well, atleast with respect to me.

This lady from Bangalore invites me to the bar opposite as more of the college crowd sneaked in. The city was in a frenzy the other night, with the weather magical & time inconsequential. I bend down to tie my lace as the lady from Bangalore points to my shoes.


Back to Carpe Noctum, I see this bird in a kind of disbelief in fear. Distraught seeing her in on the first party night, GreatWhite & Malcolm X flashed. GreatWhite is always my true color and the X is an alter-ego. As, I ask her repeatedly what happened, there was no answer. I didnt want another birdie being scathed. I pull her upclose and to the bar entrance. Crying, and crying. Words of solace didn’t help the case.

Crystal, a tight hug, the chill weather and the church beside me – I wanted this kid to go to school as in my life I have accomplished even before I entered the School of Humanities. I slowly caught her tender hands and gave her tight twist, she like nodded.

Getting back to the dance floor, one of my friend and an alter-ego leaves, so in the royal rumble ring were two department chicks, one wannabe from the Law School and the Dutch who were spectators of the fest.

Master of the Art

master of the art

With stakes high, it was a battle of the The Mystical Potato and Head Groove Thing vs The Belly Dancer

Challenge was accepted.

I need to admit, having a female superstar in the Royal Rumble ring doesn’t seem the beast I truly am, but ladies seem interested to compete on all playground.

With an crisp edit of the dance, she kept falling to the ground and the doors adjacent – I was petrified. But, what was more perplexing was that she left in a lurch and started to go toward the Dutch men. Only to her dismay! lol

She then moved up the 20 foot stair to the restroom on top, I now completely in fear as I read the club which weren’t in standard with wet floors and a steep climbdown which knew was too much for that kid. So, with the lots of affection for this birdie I lend my right shoulder for her as a walking stick but myself in the stake. The kiddos fumbles and as I fall from the middle of the twenty foot stair and tear my injured left shoulder sitting in dismay of what was a n number of Jager’s. This woman then holds the stairway and walks past me and enters the dance floor to dance with the Dutch men lol

I hung in there around for another half an hour as I still wanted her to get back home save. But, it was not I was trying to make point in the Rumble as I decided I have had enough of this garbage, sends pass on his wishes to the Champange standards. Leaves home.

Fast forward a few hours, this kid is crying her lunges out and cries out for help.

Being human

I took it upon myself and paid for her taxi and brought her back home. What unfolded was the snake, as I sniffed the venom.

The distortion in between as I mentioned earlier, in the night almost erased my college life. None entered into the conversation explaining the case. The Sid which he was in class seemed a far cry of his former self. Such were the disturbing struggles which the kid had passed onto me & the grades dropped with the midterms approaching and a high school peer who wanted to visit Tilburg for what I said okay.

Rakt Charitra
As again, I am glad God as bestowed on me this rain on an eventful day when I turn Thirty. My sole thoughts with this post is going to be proving my critics wrong, although all have been my friends & well wishers. For long my thoughts were else were but having sniffed club Cricket here at TSCA – Tilburg, I feel I have found my true love. It’s time to defy age && fight this pain as I ready up my rotor cuff in unorthodox ways of what would be best portrayed by Surya in the jail scene in RaktCharithra.
GM Gary Kasporov
Professor satchafunkilus.S.J. likes to put his research interests in perspective as I lay the gauntlet to myself in the coming years to apply Cognitive sciences & Artificial intelligence on a IBM supercomputer named Deep blue which beat then the GM Gary Kasporov. I like to also mention I have won chess competition in my apt complex & have been to a few tournaments in my teenage. But, that to suggest I have the acumen to understand the complexities. It’s another challenge I take upon myself & want to stay humble as always & ofcourse share a part of this research journey. Incidentally, Deep blue was my home internet connection’s name & more so flying in a blue dream who relates to IBM as well. — at Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences.

Decided to sport a mustache lol p.s. bear with me peeps. Last few hours I covered a lot of road as I found a sweet spot in my college town – Tilburg, on my way in finding the avaitor spectacle that I always yearned. As I jump to reality just before i sail across in paradise, I tell myself to clock in hours in library, gym & focus on things in hand as try to convert my honeymoon in Netherlands to fruition of what I aspire. Work ethic, Sid. Keep penning. Slugfest.

Love the weather here in Tilburg, Centrum through this window. Drizzling with the sun shines. Truly, magical..
Coach lue
“I’m just happy to be back!” Welcome back, Coach Lue. #AllForOne — at Cleveland Clinic Courts.
Texas lottery
On a day where basketball took center stage. A seamingly bottom seeded L.A. Lakers beat the Spurs although I am just delving on flash news at the moment. This kid would have been dejected upon realising that he sported a Spurs sleeve shortwhile ago, that at this juncture he relishes the sport more than be derooted with clubs. Well, one needs to go through the transition years to attain a love for sports rather than the club or the player himself although each cat has it own pair of shades

Sir, this is scripted. Probably data analytics! But, this is pure love. Core fulcrum of my stint in the U.S. John Stockton #UtahJazz I know I absorbed U.S. basketball closely ever since I was a kid & more so during my stint in UF. I know if I weren’t to be hacked I would created ripples in the states as I lost the forum discussions of many a thread on U.S. sports, that’s what pisses me off more badly than anything as I look to ply again but the original clamp down of Sead{Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses}. I feel what LeBron goes through for all he has bestowed.

On a day when there is ton of sports injuries in NBA with both Dirk & now Kyrie falling prey just before playoffs, I like to gauge the fact that I need to tread this rotor cuff with time & ease. More on how to handle depression during a spell at treatment bed. It would be too harsh a revelation but I will polish it as a piece of education that’s even bipolar to euphorically relieve distress using chewing tobacco.

Just drawing a parallel

Statenlaan Den Haag

SVCE induction
How does it feel How does it feel It were like a sweet breeze blowing past you Have I really felt it? Few years past & the reality hasn’t sunk in as yet

Siddarth Raghuraman

pistol pete
Mid-day Tilburg, as I pen mails addressing professors .. fyi, its spring break here at university.. As I realize have to keep dropping aces like my idol pistol pete.. lot to be salvaged Sampras had the best 2nd serve in the business during his era. And after 10 years of retirement, still hit 2nd serves at speeds and placement most of today’s players wouldn’t consider trying.

CSK vs Mumbai

balaji & harbajan

csk beat mi

madras boat club

thev difficulty of being good
Someday I d read it, mam. But like I said during our talks these are books & as u seem to be telling yourself these everyday. Atleast I do, peeps!

lbj - pat riley

nike jr

Highway Star
#Highway Star

Tilburg School of humanities
Earned my department jacket – Tilburg School of Humanities

lbj's legacy
To all the lynch bombs I yearned, Lebron TD’s legacy might just survive this very day But I am were I belong And shall keep looking up to my maple all series long and beyond, as the beast is yet to be unleashed wait wait.. no kyrie no hayward probably TD got worked up with the chewing tobacco leave alone pancreatic ulcer it’s under the rule book that Lebron legacy live Immortalism that’s how its scripted humbling and get humbled in the journey is all I see Another cola on my maple head – post game7 Rivie Lynch Lychh Dei Love for my king I shall though not doubt Sorry for the blip Your pal Sid
Chennai's legacy
I am sorry, chennai. I have to apologize for the CSK’s shift of grounds. Dhoni & co., please be allowed to build our legacy as M.A. Chidambaram stadium is the most educated crowd you could ever witness in the cricketing history. Here is trip down nostalgia . I shall be a war soldier, fighting for the rights of this lions den. I shall pick up my running boots again, as Sid has draws the gauntlet on himself to test his body. I am bullish about what I want to achieve rather this piece of mashed up words. Apologies, to the news I read although I don’t gauge the reality as the news as been nothing short of fabricated. Sir, Mr N Srinivasan – I know you well. I shall wait for the nod when I test myself in the academy’s. Yours truly

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