Some aspects of the culture of Schooling – my days in PSBB, SVCE & UF.. .

Let me begin with my affiliation with SVCE – sans people! Trying to redefine a lot of things on how I view it and take solace in exactly just that. However, hard I try to not involve people in my writing, I guess I might not be able to avoid it, cause it’s just the experiences derived through actions of many a one. I never thought I had be doing this, but this is like more of a dhakshanai to many of gurus who just give me unconditional love.  I am grateful for that.

I have slowly started to believe in destiny. Right from me getting lucky to get a foothold into the college to experiencing and having people in my life who have impacted in many ways and to me associating myself to SVCE of this age.

For me, I felt I came across as a guy with a lot of positive energy entering college after a few months in Mumbai to cleanse the cut throat junior college studies in PSBB. I think, those years had a big impact in the way I have projected myself as a person, always wanting to strive to get better – with being less appreciative of many less mundane things. I searched for people with substance, tried to be learner in many ways – as I was always been self-critical about myself – as I wasn’t by any means ruling the roost in my junior college days. I was in-fact among the students with a not so good grades, but surprisingly with a high amount of self-confidence which the school had imbibed in me over the previous years. I knew, if I persisted with a lot of things which was ingrained in me I would eventually create a path of my own. I agree, the exposure was something which is unparalled and sometimes loathe why I wasn’t exposed to the IIT class sessions of many a professors.

Peers need to grow of out their shell as I like in my life I treat some as gurus. I infact bend myself, to grasp a few things. My two cents to the several peers of mine across the educational institutions I have been part of is, education is just to put to manifest to the people around you, not something to waste, feeling superior and be strung out! I say this, as some have had a major impact and allowed me to be the person I am. I feel, I have the urge to put to manifest my education rather look for self needs.

As I was talking about destiny and SVCE, hey I never envisioned I had be able to redefine a lot of things in what like 7years after graduation. Just goes to show the impact, and my obsession on select personalities. I think I finally come to acceptance of my 4lakh donation.. hahah. The crowd matters doesn’t it? Ok. That apart, I struggled all these years, toiling around with mediocrity until I found my guru in the form of my boss in Sciera Inc. I just didn’t shed only the negativity, but to have found my own self as in my junior college / initial SVCE ian days, wriggling off a lot of the thoughts that had plagued my mind all these years. Through him, professors from the English department of SVCE, I was able to develop a bridge between the two institutions. For me to have seen the potential on offer, I found my synch with SVCE – and as I write this I admit I had thoughts of writing on the SVCE ian college magazine – the Phoenix although a different version and on some topics I see my friend from UF doing for a NGO in Udaipur!

Some of the excerpts which he works on, is not just about believing in it completely, but a vision he has had like the several other peers flying high both in conventional / unconventional paths.

These links not only breaks the core of what I tried to convey, but sends out a clear message to the many students – that its not the end of road cause you have failed in education or you haven’t been successful at it – life is just more than that.



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